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Mr. Gettridge's Home




Back in the day, becoming a plasterer depended on who you knew.  Mr. Gettridge's sister Shirley Gettridge Armstrong, the family historian, describes how he learned the trade that helped him raise his family— and raise a house.

"They call it The Big Easy cuz it's easy to live here.
They called it The City that Care Forgot but they forgot about us this time.
They call it Barefoot Country, Little LA, CreoleTown

They call it God's Country 'cuz you can get by

They call it Sin City - it's the place where the bar rooms never close.
I believe they still have more churches than barrooms, and you can dance from the bar room to church.

But I call it Home."


- Herbert Gettridge




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January 11, 2009

just testing.

January 16, 2009

They call it the big easy? Definitely get that feeling every time I'm there.

Peggy Adams
September 01, 2009

I truly enjoy hearing the stories of those who survived "Katrina." I have tried to keep up with the latest information, and I thank all the journalists. Mr. Herbert Gettridge is a man of great stamina and determination.

March 20, 2010

My hat is off for Mr.Herbert Gettridge!
as one who has lose everything I know how it feals. We don;t have weather like you have But my house burned down and we lost every thing. I really wanted to rebuild it myself but I can not walk any more and we had to hire the work done. Even now I sometimes remember some thing I had and can see it inmy minds eye but that place is gone God bless you Sir

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