Jindal's less than Stellar Moment

Posted by: June Cross

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June Cross

As President Obama gave his first address to Congress, folks in Louisiana were just beginning to wind down from from Mardi Gras celebrations.

Maybe Jindal was still celebrating.  Maybe he spent so much time celebrating earlier in the day that he hadn't had time to rehearse teleprompter.  More likely, the speech wasn't his, but a speech written by committee, delivered by a figurehead largely considered smart but not yet experienced enough in national politics to take on a president forged over the last two years of a tough national campaign.

It just wasn't his finest moment.  And he didn't even talk about the one reason it made sense to have him there in the first place:  the need to restore the Gulf Coast restoration to a priority along with all the other priorities the DC crowd has been crowing about over the past two months.

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